Papers Presentations

Tracking and Reconstruction


Hierarchical Topic Model Based Object Association for Semantic SLAM

Jianhua Zhang, Mengping Gui, Qichao Wang, Ruyu Liu, Junzhe Xu, Shengyong Chen


Towards SLAM-based Outdoor Localization using Poor GPS and 2.5D Building Models

Ruyu Liu, Jianhua Zhang, Shengyong Chen , Clemens Arth


Camera Relocalization with Ellipsoidal Abstraction of Objects

Vincent Gaudillière, Gilles Simon, Marie-Odile Berger


Efficient 3D Reconstruction and Streaming for Group-Scale Multi-Client Live Telepresence

Patrick Stotko, Stefan Krumpen, Michael Weinmann, Reinhard Klein


Tangible and Visible 3D Object Reconstruction in Augmented Reality

Yi-ChinWu, Liwei Chan, Wen-Chieh Lin

Modeling and Rendering


Real-Time View Planning for Unstructured Lumigraph Modeling

Okan Erat, Markus Höll, Karl Haubenwallner, Christian Pirchheim, Dieter Schmalstieg


3D Virtual Garment Modeling from Photos

Yi Xu, Shanglin Yang, Wei Sun, Li Tan. Kefeng Li. Hui Zhou


Spatially-Varying Diffuse Reflectance Capture Using Irradiance Map Rendering for Image-Based Modeling Applications

Kasper Skou Ladefoged, Claus B Madsen


Augmented Environment Mapping for Appearance Editing of Glossy Surfaces

Takumi Kaminokado, Daisuke Iwai, Kosuke Sato


Coherent rendering of virtual smile previews with fast neural style transfer]

Valentin Vasiliu, Gábor Sörös


Real-Time Mixed Reality Rendering for Underwater 360° Videos

Stephen Thompson, Andrew Chalmers, Taehyun James Rhee

Acquisition & Manipulation


AR HMD Guidance for Controlled Hand-Held 3D Acquisition

Daniel Andersen, Peter Villano, Voicu Popescu


VR Props: An End to End Pipeline for Transporting Real Objects into Virtual and Augmented Environments

Catherine Taylor, Darren Cosker, Robin McNicholas, Chris Mullany


Manipulating 3D Anatomic Models in Augmented Reality: Comparing a Hands-Free Approach and a Manual Approach

Shirin Sadri, Shalva A. Kohen, Carmine Elvezio, Shawn H. Sun, Alon Grinshpoon, Gabrielle Loeb, Naomi Basu, Steven Feiner


DepthMove: Leveraging Head Motions in the Depth Dimension to Interact with Virtual Reality Head-Worn Displays

Difeng Yu, Hai-Ning Liang, Xueshi Lu, Tianyu Zhang, Wenge Xu


VPModel:  High-Fidelity Product Simulation in a Virtual-Physical Environment

Xin Min, Wenqiao Zhang, Shouqian Sun, Nan Zhao, Siliang Tang, 

Yueting Zhuang

Spatial Augmented Reality & Near Eye Displays


Animated Stickies: Fast Video Projection Mapping onto a Markerless Plane through a Direct Closed-Loop Alignment

Shingo Kagami, Koichi Hashimoto


Projection Distortion-based Object Tracking in Shader Lamp Scenarios

Niklas Gard, Anna Hilsmann, Peter Eisert


Towards a Switchable AR/VR Near-eye Display with Accommodation-Vergence and Eyeglass Prescription Support

Xinxing Xia, Yunqing Guan, Andrei State, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kishore Rathinavel, Tat-Jen Cham, Henry Fuchs


Varifocal Occlusion-Capable Optical See-through Augmented Reality Display based on Focus-tunable Optics

Kishore Rathinavel, Gordon Wetzstein, Henry Fuchs

Perception & Presence


FVA: Modeling Perceived Friendliness of Virtual Agents Using Movement Characteristics

Tanmay Randhavane, Aniket Bera, Kyra Kapsaskis, Kurt Gray, Dinesh Manocha


Studying Exocentric Distance Perception in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality

Etienne Peillard, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Jean-Marie Normand, Anatole Lécuyer, Guillaume Moreau


Influence of Personality Traits and Body Awareness on the Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality

Diane Dewez, Rebecca Fribourg, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Ludovic Hoyet,

Daniel R Mestre, Mel Slater, Anatole Lécuyer


Is Any Room Really OK? The Effect of Room Size and Furniture on Presence, Narrative Engagement, and Usability During a Space-Adaptive Augmented Reality Game

Jae-eun Shin, Hayun Kim, Callum Parker, Hyung-il Huang Kim, Seo Young,

Woontack Woo


Effects of “Real-World” Visual Fidelity on AR Interface Assessment:  A Case Study Using AR Head-up Display Graphics in Driving

Coleman J Merenda, Joseph L Gabbard, Chihiro Suga. Teruhisa Misu



Sick Moves! Motion Parameters as Indicators of Simulator Sickness

Tobias Feigl, Daniel Roth, Stefan Gradl, Markus Gerhard Wirth, Michael Philippsen,Marc Erich Latoschik, Bjoern M Eskofier, Christopher Mutschler


Walking Your Virtual Dog: Analysis of Awareness and Proxemics with Simulated Support Animals in Augmented Reality

Nahal Norouzi, Kangsoo Kim, Myungho Lee, Ryan Schubert, Austin Erickson,

Jeremy Bailenson, Gerd Bruder, Greg Welch


Prediction of Discomfort due to Egomotion in Immersive Videos for Virtual Reality

Suprith Balasubramanian, Rajiv Soundararajan


Accurate and Fast Classification of Foot Gestures for Virtual Locomotion

Xinyu Shi, Junjun Pan, Zeyong Hu, Juncong Lin, Shihui Guo, Minghong Liao, Ye Pan, Ligang Liu


Estimation of Rotation Gain Thresholds Considering FOV, Gender, and Distractors

Niall L Williams, Tabitha C Peck

Multimodal & Long Term Usage


Face/On: Multi-Modal Haptic Feedback for Head-Mounted Displays in Virtual Reality

Dennis Wolf, Michael Rietzler, Leo Hnatek, Enrico Rukzio


Non-Visual Cues for View Management in Narrow Field of View Augmented Reality Displays

Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, Tom David Eibich, Jens Maiero, Ernst Kruijff


Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just Me? Analysis of Augmented Reality Temperature Visualization for Computer-Mediated Thermoception

Austin Erickson, Ryan Schubert, Kangsoo Kim, Gerd Bruder, Greg Welch


DeepTaste: Augmented Reality Gustatory Manipulation with GAN-based Real-time Food-to-Food Translation

Kizashi Nakano, Daichi Horita, Nobuchika Sakata, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa,Keiji Yanai, Takuji Narumi


Mixed Reality Office System Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Towards the Long-Term Immersion in Virtual Environments

Jie Guo, Dongdong Weng, Zhenliang Zhang, Haiyan Jiang, Yue Liu, Been-Lirn Duh, Yongtian Wang

Collaboration & Entertainment


Conveying spatial awareness cues in xR collaborations

Andrew Irlitti, Thammathip Piumsomboon, Daniel Jackson, Bruce H Thomas


Improving Information Sharing and Collaborative Analysis for Remote GeoSpatial Visualization Using Mixed Reality

Tahir Mahmood, Willis Fulmer, Neelesh Mungoli, Jian Huang, Aidong Lu


Sharing Manipulated Heart Rate Feedback in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Arindam Dey, Hao Chen, Ashkan F Hayati, Mark Billinghurst, Robert W Lindeman


ObserVAR: Visualization System for Observing Virtual Reality Users using Augmented Reality

Santawat Thanyadit, Parinya Punpongsanon, Ting-Chuen Pong


Understanding Users' Preferences for Augmented Reality Television

Irina Popovici, Radu-Daniel Vatavu

Selection & Text Entry


ReconViguRation: Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality

Daniel Schneider, Alexander Otte, Travis Gesslein, Philipp Gagel, Bastian Kuth,Mohamad Shahm Damlakhi, Oliver Dietz, Eyal Ofek


Pointing and Selection Methods for Text Entry in Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays

Wenge Xu, Hai-Ning Liang, Anqi He, Zifan Wang


Performance Envelopes of Virtual Keyboard Text Input Strategies in Virtual Reality

John J Dudley, Hrvoje Benko, Daniel Wigdor, Per Ola Kristensson


Enhanced Geometric Techniques for Point Marking in Model-Free Augmented Reality

Wallace S Lages, Yuan Li, Lee Lisle, Tobias Höllerer, Doug Bowman


The Importance of Intersection Disambiguation for Virtual Hand Techniques

Alec G Moore, Marwan Kodeih, Anoushka Singhania, Angelina Wu, Tassneen Bashir,Ryan P McMahan

Training & Learning


Annotation vs. Virtual Tutor: Comparative Analysis on the Effectiveness of Visual Instructions in Immersive Virtual Reality

Hyeopwoo Lee, Hyejin Kim, Diego  Vilela Monteiro, Youngnoh Goh, Daseong Han, Hai-Ning Liang, Hyun Seung Yang, Jinki Jung


Investigating Cyclical Stereoscopy Effects over Visual Discomfort and Fatigue in Virtual Reality while Learning

Alexis D Souchet, Stéphanie Philippe, Floriane Ober, Aurélien Lévêque, Laure Leroy


A Comparison of Desktop and Augmented Reality Scenario Based Training Authoring Tools

Andrés N Vargas González, Senglee Koh, Katelynn Kapalo, Patrick Garrity,

Robert Sottilare, Mark Billinghurst, Joseph LaViola


Measuring Cognitive Load and Insight: A Methodology Exemplified in a Virtual Reality Learning Context

Jonny Collins, Holger Regenbrecht, Tobias Langlotz, Yekta Said Can, Cem Ersoy, Russell Butson


Acceptance and Effectiveness of a Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training

Fabrizio Palmas, Jakub Cichor, David A Plecher. Gudrun Klinker


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