T1. OpenARK — Tackling Augmented Reality Challenges via an Open-Source Software Development Kit


The aim of this tutorial is to present an open-source augmented reality development kit, called OpenARK. OpenARK was founded by Dr. Allen Yang at UC Berkeley in 2015. Since then, the project has received high-impact awards and visibility. Currently, OpenARK is being used by several industrial alliances including HTC Vive, Siemens, Ford, and State Grid. In 2018, OpenARK won the only Mixed Reality Award at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Finals. In the same year in China, OpenARK also won a Gold Medal at the Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the largest such competition in China. OpenARK currently also receives funding support from a research grant by Intel RealSense project and the NSF.


Website: https://vivecenter.berkeley.edu/courses/openark-ismar-2019-tutorial/



Allen Y. Yang, UC Berkeley

Luisa Caldas, UC Berkeley

Joseph Menke, UC Berkeley


Dates: October 14, 2019


T2. Interaction Paradigms in MR – Lessons from Art


This tutorial aims to share our best practices in teaching artists to best express themselves via interactive technology, but also in turn, what we have learnt from being part of their creative journey. Examples include navigation in VR with LeapMotion, narrative change based on user’s head orientation, interaction with mathematical equation visualisation using their hand gestures, audio-visual interface where participants use their voice to control lighting in the scene, or controlling the flow of particles through their breathing as part of a meditation experience.


Website: https://home.doc.gold.ac.uk/~xpan001/humancentric-ARVR/



Xueni Pan, University of London

William Latham, University of London

Doron Friedman, Sammy Ofer School of Communications


Dates: October 18, 2019


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