Papers Presentations

S1. Tracking and Reconstruction

1223 - Hierarchical Topic Model Based Object Association for Semantic SLAM

1056 - Towards SLAM-based Outdoor Localization using Poor GPS and 2.5D Building Models

1279 - Camera Relocalization with Ellipsoidal Abstraction of Objects

1293 - Efficient 3D Reconstruction and Streaming for Group-Scale Multi-Client Live Telepresence

1058 - Tangible and Visible 3D Object Reconstruction in Augmented Reality


S2. Modeling and Rendering

1266 - Real-Time View Planning for Unstructured Lumigraph Modeling

1094 - 3D Virtual Garment Modeling from Photos

1138 - Spatially-Varying Diffuse Reflectance Capture Using Irradiance Map Rendering for Image Based Modeling Applications SJMSZ

1201 - Augmented Environment Mapping for Appearance Editing of Glossy Surfaces

1013 - Coherent rendering of virtual smile previews with fast neural style transfer]

1169 - Real-Time Mixed Reality Rendering for Underwater 360° Videos


S3. Acquisition & Manipulation

1041 -  AR HMD Guidance for Controlled Hand-Held 3D Acquisition

1215 - VR Props: An End to End Pipeline for Transporting Real Objects into Virtual and Augmented Environments

1288 - Manipulating 3D Anatomic Models in Augmented Reality: Comparing a Hands-Free Approach and a Manual Approach

1075 - DepthMove: Leveraging Head Motions in the Depth Dimension to Interact with Virtual Reality Head-Worn Displays

1236 - VPModel: High-Fidelity Product Simulation in VirtualPhysical Environment


S4. Spatial Augmented Reality & Near Eye Displays

1257 - Animated Stickies: Fast Video Projection Mapping onto a Markerless Plane through a Direct Closed-Loop Alignment

1258 - Projection Distortionbased Object Tracking in Shader Lamp Scenarios

1026 - Towards a Switchable AR/VR Near-eye Display with Accommodation-Vergence and Eyeglass Prescription Support

1298 - Varifocal OcclusionCapable Optical See-through Augmented Reality Display based on Focus-tunable Optics


S5. Perception & Presence

1299 - FVA: Modeling Perceived Friendliness of Virtual Agents Using Movement Characteristics

1049 - Studying Exocentric Distance Perception in Optical SeeThrough Augmented Reality

1205 - Influence of Personality Traits and Body Awareness on the Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality

1161 - Is Any Room Really OK? The Effect of Room Size and Furniture on Presence, Narrative Engagement, and Usability During a Space-Adaptive Augmented Reality Game

1225 - Effects of “Real-World” Visual Fidelity on AR Interface Assessment: A Case Study Using AR Head-up Display Graphics in Driving


S6. Locomotion

1309 - Sick Moves! Motion Parameters as Indicators of Simulator Sickness

1150 - Walking Your Virtual Dog: Analysis of Awarend Proxemics with Simulated Support Animals in Augmented Reality

1179 - Prediction of Discomfort due to Egomotion in Immersive Videos for Virtual Reality

1183 - Accurate and Fast Classification of Foot Gestures for Virtual Locomotion

1078 - Estimation of Rotation Gain Thresholds Considering FOV, Gender, and Distractors


S7. Multimodal & Long Term Usage

1117 - Face/On: Multi-Modal Haptic Feedback for Head-Mounted Displays in Virtual Reality

1015 - Non-Visual Cues for View Management in Narrow Field of View Augmented Reality Displays

1066 - Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just Me? Analysis of Augmented Reality Temperature Visualization for Computer-Mediated Thermoception

1180 - DeepTaste: Augmented Reality Gustatory Manipulation with GAN-based Real-time Food-to-Food Translation

1120 - Mixed Reality Office System Based on Maslowʼs Hierarchy of Needs: Towards the Long-Term Immersion in Virtual Environments


S8. Collaboration & Entertainment

1111 - Conveying spatial awareness cues in xR collaborations

1156 - Improving Information Sharing and Collaborative Analysis for Remote GeoSpatial Visualization Using Mixed Reality

1166 - Sharing Manipulated Heart Rate Feedback in Collaborative Virtual Environments

1226 - ObserVAR: Visualization System for Observing Virtual Reality Users using Augmented Reality

1121 - Understanding Users' Preferences for Augmented Reality Television


S9. Selection & Text Entry

1283 - ReconViguRation: Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality

1046 - Pointing and Selection Methods for Text Entry in Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays

1212 - Performance Envelopes of Virtual Keyboard Text Input Strategies in Virtual Reality

1004 - Enhanced Geometric Techniques for Point Marking in Model-Free Augmented Reality

1064 - The Importance of Intersection Disambiguation for Virtual Hand Techniques


S10. Training & Learning

1109 - Annotation vs. Virtual Tutor: Comparative Analysis on the Effectiveness of Visual Instructions in Immersive Virtual Reality

1202 - Investigating Cyclical Stereoscopy Effects over Visual Discomfort and Fatigue in Virtual Reality while Learning

1229 - A Comparison of Desktop and Augmented Reality Scenario Based Training Authoring Tools

1014 - Measuring Cognitive Load and Insight: A Methodology Exemplified in a Virtual Reality Learning Context

1311 - Acceptance and Effectiveness of a Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training

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